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First Date Ideas
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  • author ( 29, cub / man | Huntington, WV, USA )

    You know get enlightened by botanical life close to me because I don't have a license at the moment. Its may be hitlers birthday but I can change that with a bit of light, love, laughter, and everything in between. Good...  see more >>

  • author ( 29, cub / man | Miami, FL, USA )

    You can learn a lot about a person as well as yourself in just a few hours under the right neuro-chemical conditions (^_^)

  • author ( 26, cub / man | Coventry, CT, USA )

    Honestly let's grab a couple drinks to get to know each other but let's not wait too long for the fun

  • author ( 31, cub / man | Sherman Oaks, CA, USA )

    I have a secret spot in Malibu that overlooks the water, I've always wanted to talk someone there and kiss them under the moon.

  • author ( 30, cub / man | Monmouth Junction, NJ, USA )

    Take a spaceship to Mars to eat ice cream on the stars like rock stars and scream our dreams out to the galaxy

  • author ( 30, cub / man | Wittenberg, WI, USA )

    It Would have to be taking a walk to get to know each other better & see if we are actually compatible ;)

  • author ( 24, cub / man | Boca Raton, FL, USA )

    A walk on the beach with a blunt is my ideal first date. I think that's not to much to ask. A bowl then pizza is also a great date.

  • author ( 28, cub / man | San Antonio, TX, USA )

    Basically sex at the highest degree, no joke ladies this cub likes to fuck beyond physical and want to do it more then once. :3 Yet, if you want a child (sperm donor mind you) i will provide for your oven - just keep hea...  see more >>

  • author ( 27, cub / man | Jackson, MS, USA )

    Our first date would be unknown to you, leaving all plan arrangements and logistics to be handled by memm

  • author ( 24, cub / man | Hexham, England - Northumberland, GBR )

    Generally just whatever my partner wants to do... Am quite a submissive person generally but can be more dominant if my partner wishes

  • author ( 33, cub / man | Jamaica )

    Anything that is good enough for you then i am fully appreciative of it and is willing to try something that is new, rare or according to the lady taste.

  • author ( 28, cub / man | Los Angeles, CA, USA )

    Coffee, a stroll through the park, a nice evening back at your or my place and enjoy some music and wine.

  • author ( 43, cub / man | Bellmore, NY, USA )

    We have to sneak onto the beach after sunset, bring some blankets, a flashlight to read, a book on constellations and some good incense and spend the night together stargazing and get to know one another.

  • author ( 35, cub / man | Addison, IL, USA )

    It's getting kind of cold for a bike ride, there is a place called Zuzu's tea house on the north side of Chicago that has the best tea in Chicago.

  • author ( 32, cub / man | Agoura Hills, CA, USA )

    Good conversation with a glass of wine. A quiet restaurant, where we could really make that deeper connection.

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