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First Date Ideas
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  • author ( 33, cub / man | East Rutherford, NJ, USA )

    Museum, Art Galleries, or Bookstores with some coffee transitioning to some drinks and ending on the couch with a board game.

  • author ( 33, cub / man | Detroit, MI, USA )

    How bout a artistic evening where we can enjoy each other's conversation, then dinner follwed by open poetry event where I can shower you with poetic word's that touch deep within your subconscious.

  • author ( 31, cub / man | Philadelphia, PA, USA )

    Im Really open to anything..If the woman im with is cool it doesnt matter where we're at or what we're doing. as long as we are doing it together. Im Laid back and easy. I Really dont complain too much...I Like to see Pe...  see more >>

  • author ( 32, cub / man | Smyrna, GA, USA )

    Something different, I'm into the dive bar scene. A walk in the park. A drive-in movie. Museum. Or just getting lost in the city.

  • author ( 45, cub / man | Saint Paul, MN, USA )

    Something spantenous or someplace where we can have a glass a wine and rub thighs against each other:)

  • author ( 43, cub / man | Norwalk, CA, USA )

    Take in the beauty of art exhibit enjoying the artist work & discussing. Enjoying day learning about each other and how it all works

  • author ( 44, cub / man | Olean, NY, USA )

    Going to a public place like a museum or gallery where we could see things that could serve as conversation starters so that we could get to know each other better. Afterwards we could share a meal together and continue...  see more >>

  • author ( 38, cub / man | Allentown, PA, USA )

    Amusement parks are ideal for a 1st dates being theres plenty FUN FOODS and FUN GOING PEOPLE plus we can spend alot of time to get to know each other and kiss on rides lol; also we could find out how outgoing a person re...  see more >>

  • author ( 41, cub / man | Akron, OH, USA )

    Great conversation at a very cool laid back type lounge or restaurant. Considering warm weather, a beach side dinner would be exceptional! A museum or some other "artistic" venue would also be ideal.

  • author ( 48, cub / man | Romeoville, IL, USA )

    Some where fun and laid back. The zoo. Or bowling. A walk in the park or alongside the lake shore drive.

  • author ( 48, cub / man | Fort Myers, FL, USA )

    A first date for me would involve my cougar taking us somewhere public,yet quiet, so that we could converse without distraction and establish a mental attraction.

  • author ( 43, cub / man | Cleveland, OH, USA )

    Enjoying autumn walk around east Blvd and CWRU campus taking in the sites and museums and botanical gardens

  • author ( 30, cub / man | Houston, TX, USA )

    First date, is never a "date." It's more like a tour of the city. Dinner, movies, dancing, ride along. Just painting the town. A date is actually between two that have already taken that next step. No pressure...  see more >>

  • author ( 44, cub / man | Mattawan, MI, USA )

    I choose museums cause there are no destraction and its hands down full contact set ur own pace to descover and allow smooth conversational topics.

  • author ( 42, cub / man | Thornhill, ON, CAN )

    A nice quiet classy place with good food, wine and music and positive smart happy and warm vibes.. not dumb rap and hip hop, illuminati whore brainwashing music that tells ppl to dance naked and act like wild animals at...  see more >>

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