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First Date Ideas
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  • author ( 31, cub / man | Covina, CA, USA )

    Id say a walk on the beach before the sun sets then go eat dinner on the pier and leatn more about one n another

  • author ( 40, cub / man | Irving, TX, USA )

    I am fine planning a first date but its amazing to have a dominant woman do it and be surprised i love woman

  • author ( 30, cub / man | Detroit, MI, USA )

    I like museums and tacos so I would take you out to maybe the DIA or MOCAD and then to a top secret taco spot with the greatest tacos ever!

  • author ( 39, cub / man | Mineral, VA, USA )


  • author ( 69, cougar | Magnolia, NJ, USA )

    Wow would love to go with you to a great museum and then find an out of way bistro for lunch or dinner, walk and listen to you tell me all the best parts about you.

  • author ( 31, cub / man | Enumclaw, WA, USA )

    First date's I always love to do, is site seeing anywhere really, I am not really too picky at all. I love nice dinners, long drives across country and trying to make you live as young as possible. Nature walks are alway...  see more >>

  • author ( 33, cub / man | Dallas, TX, USA )

    Our first date should be all about us getting to know each other. So a club or loud bar wouldnt be suitable. Maybe dinner or something active like a late night swim. Im really into anything artistic so a museum or art ga...  see more >>

  • author ( 35, cub / man | Houston, TX, USA )

    something unexspected and out of my element!! surprises are a sure way to keep things interesting and keep me on my toes and wondering, "whats next"??

  • author ( 42, cub / man | El Paso, TX, USA )

    Talking: learning, goals, passions, desires, dreams, goals, wants vs needs. Coffee Lunch Dinner Walk anywhere.

  • author ( 27, cub / man | Sydney, New South Wales, Australia )

    I would like something quiet where we can chat& get to know each other.. after that let the good times roll !!!

  • author ( 45, cub / man | Lake Alfred, FL, USA )

    This is not the conventional kind of dating, so i would be happy to go where ever my sugar momma wanted to go. But a day at an art museum n a hot dog sold out of a cart at a park sounds good ;)

  • author ( 33, cub / man | Seattle, WA, USA )

    My first date... Hmm i would love to visit the Seattle Art Meseum. I would just like to go somewhere where we can walk and talk.... Can't go wrong with food! HINT

  • author ( 51, cub / man | Washington, DC, USA )

    The National Gallery of Art, has all sorts of secluded spots with benches, and trickling waterfalls, where quality conversation can take place. There are cafes there as well, but I would rather we eat at a spot, To Be An...  see more >>

  • author ( 54, cougar | Vista, CA, USA )

    ok so here is my idea.........we can go out on our first date and it will be wonderfu!!! and then I will fall in love with you only to find out that you are a really horrible lying man. You are a bad fuking person Jeremy...  see more >>

  • author ( 29, cub / man | Fort Hood, TX, USA )

    Probably going to an art gallery or a anthropological museum exhibit. It's always interesting and it leads to good conversation.

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